The Face In The Paint

It's not often that a painting paints itself... but in this case it did! This is the story behind the face in the paint.


I wanted to bless Brad after he had a vision at the school of prayer last month about being given a new weapon for a season of intercession. I asked my friend Deborah Nell if she could paint something for him.
— Jen Trich Nevil

As I prayed about this commission I was eager to do this painting as a  prophetic embellished acrylic pour painting. In the past I have done personal prophetic paintings on Yupo paper where I have much more control. If something doesn't work out, I can wipe it off and start over. Doing an acrylic pour as a prophetic commission would require God's anointing and it would be more of a challenge, but I was eager to give it a try. I told Jen if it didn't work out, I would make him a painting on Yupo paper.

The painting started out with the paint poured onto the canvas. I allowed the paint to flow but also moved it around until I saw a man with an arrow in his hand. I was satisfied with this first step. And now the paint needed to dry.


The initial pour

This was the first step in creating this painting. The paint began to flow and I tilted it and moved it around as well.


The image emerges

I saw a man holding an arrow with arrows carried on his back

After about an hour I came back into my studio to look at the painting. I could not believe what I saw! The white paint in the face area had moved. There were definite features that were emerging and they actually looked like Brad! Wow! God was really involved in this painting!


Features are forming...

If you look closely you can see the eyes and nose coming into focus.

After this pour dried I then began to paint in the details of the painting. I looked at a photo of Brad as I did this. I was amazed how much the formed paint looked like him. It was as though the Lord was saying this painting is custom made for Brad. Below is photo of Brad and a close up of the finished painted face.


Brad's photo


Brads' painted face.

I was so excited to present this finished painting to Jen and Brad. I told the story behind the process and they were amazed.

I think it is amazing the process and how God moved the paint during the steps! Thank you Deborah for this amazing gift! Every time I look at it, I am amazed at how it turned out.
— Jen Trich Nevil

Below is the fully completed painting. As with every painting, God gave me a prophetic word to accompany the painting. The painting is called "Resolute Warrior". I can't wait to do another commissioned prophetic painting. Contact me if you'd like to discuss your commissioned painting.

"Resolute Warrior", 11"x14", Acrylic on stretched canvas, sealed with acrylic varnish

"Resolute Warrior", 11"x14", Acrylic on stretched canvas, sealed with acrylic varnish