From Captivity To Creativity

Captivity, noun, the state or period of being held, imprisoned, enslaved, or confined. 

How does one go from a place of captivity or fear to a place of creativity or freedom? As I write this blog, I'm reminded of a recent type of imprisonment I experienced at a part-time job. I didn't realize until I was hired and attempting to learn the job that I felt oppressed, imprisoned and fearful. The demands of the job were beyond my grasp and as hard as I tried to master the job, I always fell short. The harder I tried, the more I just didn't measure up. I had taken the job because of a financial need. In retrospect I believe God wanted me to trust Him for the provision we needed. Instead, I jumped into a job that I was unable to master. The more progress I made in learning the job, the more I was required to learn. I finally gave up and gave my notice. I stayed until a replacement could be found.

During my stay at this job I learned a great deal about what God created me to do and what he did not create me to do. In order to fully thrive and walk in freedom, it's important to know what freedom looks like. Sometimes God lets you experience what captivity or imprisonment looks like to understand freedom and creativity.  As a creative person, it's important for me to be free to create my own schedule and have the freedom to say yes or no to an assignment. It's important that I know my limitations and my capabilities. When I had this part-time job, I longed to be home to paint and work on my art business. It gave me the determination and courage to take my art to the next level. It was while I was working at this job that I created my new website. I also joined an on-line Facebook mentoring group for prophetic artists. I began to take my art more seriously and that has made a huge difference for me. If I don't value what I do, how can I expect others to value what I do.?

I no longer feel like I need to get a "real" job. Being an artist IS my job. It is what God has called me to do. He has made it very clear. Sometimes God takes us through a period of captivity to show us that He came to set us free. We have the key to get out of our place of captivity. We can say this is not what I was made to do... I was made to create... to be free to create. What has God made you to do that only you can do? What has He given you a passion to do? If you don't do it and take that next step, you'll stay in your place of captivity. He came to set you free. Walk in your freedom and come out of captivity. Take your step of faith. God has his hand stretched out to you.

"From Captivity To Creativity"  Acrylic Ink & Acrylic Paint on Yupo paper,  Painted after I left my part-time job

"From Captivity To Creativity"  Acrylic Ink & Acrylic Paint on Yupo paper,

Painted after I left my part-time job